The Lighthouse

Is Noss Head a working lighthouse?

Yes, the lighthouse is owned and operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board.

The light at Noss Head doesn’t sweep round; instead it flashes on and off once every 20 seconds. The NLB now are just as passionate about efficiency and effectiveness as the Stevensons were in the 19th century and so they changed Noss Head over to LEDs in 2017.

You can see the Fresnel lens from Noss Head in Wick Heritage Centre.

Can we go inside the lighthouse?

No. As a working lighthouse it is not open to the public though you can walk right round it.

Is Noss Head a Stevenson lighthouse?

Yes. Alan Stevenson oversaw its construction by Mr Arnot of Inverness; Alan Stevenson wanted to be a classicist not an engineer which is why there is a Greek pediment above the door of the lighthouse and why the 19th Century keepers’ cottages were built “in the Egyptian style”.

19th Century Cottages - Noss Head (now in private ownership)
19th Century Cottages – Noss Head (not available for booking because they are now in private ownership)

Where is the Sinclair Study Centre now?

The Sinclair family moved the library to the Dunbeath Heritage Centre. The staff at the Heritage Centre are extremely helpful, so do contact them if you have a specific enquiry or just want to find out more.

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