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Enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands

As comfortable as our cottage is, while you’re in Caithness you’ll want to experience a warm highland welcome, explore the majestic scenery, and examine the sights and sounds of Scotland.

We’ve shared some of our favourite things to do in Caithness, but this is your holiday to enjoy. There’s no substitute for getting out there, looking around, and making your own memories!

Things to Do

What to do in the cottage

Let’s begin at the cottage itself. Yes, you can settle down in front of the TV, or use the kitchen to whip up a feast for your family and friends, but you can also get a feel for local art and culture.

Locally-based artists Lisa Weller and Penny Irvine run full and half-day arts workshops in the cottage, allowing you to immortalise your stay and flex your creative muscles. Learn more about this on our blog.

As the cottage is located on the cliffs at Noss Head, you can also borrow our binoculars and catch a glimpse of the local wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for the puffins!

Adventures to have

Bring your hiking boots, and you’ll find plenty to see just by setting out from the cottage and exploring the headland. But if you’re looking for local knowledge, or a trip further afield, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to tours and trips.

See Caithness by sea with Caithness Seacoast Tours,  or by land with a tailor-made tour courtesy of Above and Beyond.

It’s all well and good knowing you can book a tour, but what can you expect to see?

Well, we’ve made a list of some of our favourite local spots for you to visit when you book your stay here.

Things to see

We love wildlife and landscapes. Luckily, the cottage is positioned between the land and the sea and both are a home to wildlife. Sea birds circle the cliffs, and if you’re very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a dolphin or orca as you look out to sea!

If you’re more about the built environment, Caithness has plenty to offer. From ancient history at the  Hill o’ Many Stanes and Camster Cairns, to the ruins of nearby Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, to heritage locations like the late Queen Mother’s residence at the Castle of Mey or the stately home at Dunrobin Castle.

Sporting trips

If you’re more active on your holidays, you’re probably looking at the Caithness coast and wondering if the water’s fine.

Well, the North Coast Watersports centre offers the most Northerly surfing lessons in Scotland, and will be happy to rent you a surfboard or wetsuit!

If you’d rather keep your feet dry, Wick and Thurso both boast lush golf courses (including the Northernmost golf course in the mainland UK) for you to enjoy a round or two.

Eating Out

Grab a bite

As we’ve mentioned, the kitchen at the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage is perfect for a lavish Sunday lunch, and you’ll be able to find fine local produce in nearby Wick.

But if you’d rather be cooked for than cook, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Wick has a range of restaurants, including the traditional Scottish fare at Morags, the French haute cuisine at Bord de L’eau, and the vegan-friendly menu at the No. 1 Bistro.

Thurso is equally well-served with all kinds of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes.

Enjoy a dram

It wouldn’t be right to head to Scotland and not enjoy a wee dram. If you’d like to get up close and personal with fine Scotch whisky, the Old Pulteney whisky distillery in Wick, or the Wolfburn whisky distillery in Thurso are well worth a visit.

Prefer clearer spirits? The Rock Rose gin distillery in Dunnet bay is a personal favourite!

Local Events

What to do in Caithness

Caithness is an active community, with regular events happening in nearby Wick and Thurso, and across Caithness itself. Plan your visit correctly, and you could catch the Thurso Gala (June), the  Halkirk Highland Games (July),  or the Caithness County Show (July).

Caithness also plays host to a number of photography, jewellery and even chocolate-making workshops.

If you’re interested in reconnecting with family history, or learning more about how we used to live, there are heritage centres at CastletownThurso and Wick. Or you can head to the Dunbeath Heritage Centre to check out the Sinclair Clan library, formerly housed right here at Noss Head!

For more information, check out the What’s On page of the website. Then hurry back here to book your stay!


If you’re looking for unbiased recommendations from our guests and Caithness locals, we’re happy to share feedback as we receive it.

It is a wonderfully renovated house that has been thoughtfully decorated to reflect the location and history of the lighthouse. Its spacious, warm and comfortable, and very well equipped. Beautiful scenery on all sides no matter what the weather! Wildlife in abundance and clifftop walks, A wee nearby beach, castles, loch. and along the easterly cliffs you will find some very rare flowers. It is a very unique location and a great experience to live on a lighthouse station. I look forward to a repeat visit!”

Ann – visited in December 2018

For recommendations and reviews of other things to do in Caithness and the surrounding areas, we recommend taking a look at TripAdvisor!

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