Spinning plates at the lighthouse

Lots on the go at the moment! The summer is in full swing, so we have new guests as often as twice a week which is exactly what we are here for. We do like being busy.

Sadly, I was down south when our most exciting visitors, a pod of orcas, went past. It’s been a rich year for cetacean sightings in the Moray Firth, Orkney and Shetland. This isn’t necessarily a good thing for the poor cetaceans, the Orkney pod of pilot whales appear to have lost their matriarch. However, following the news on Facebook reminds me daily why I should be cutting down on plastics as much as I can.

Lots of  other things on the go. Now the Cottage is up and running, I have the chance to look at ways of making it even better.

We are working with Lisa Weller and Penny Irvine to offer art classes and laid fibre classes for groups staying at the cottage. It’s something a bit different, and a great way to spend a morning or a whole day. Get in touch with them to find out more.

Penny Irvine and Lisa Weller at Noss Head Lighthouse
Penny Irvine and Lisa Weller offer half day and full day classes at the Cottage in laid fiber and painting

I’m also working with Lisa and Penny and with Emma Helyer to stock some cards and other souvenirs in the Cottage. For some reason it’s easy to buy pictures of Dunnet and Duncansby, great lighthouses both of them, but Noss Head items are not so easy to find. I do enjoy working with such talented local artists and in the longer term we will try to get the items stocked in other outlets in Caithness.

Russell from ACT studios came to photograph the cottage a couple of weeks ago. He was blessed with great weather, as you can see.

Summer Sunset behind Noss Head - ACT Studios
Summer Sunset behind Noss Head – ACT Studios

It’s fascinating seeing the place through someone else’s eyes and I love the details he picked out. We’ll share his photographs on social media, in our website refresh and in our spiffy new leaflet.

Breakfast in the sunshine - ACT Studios
Breakfast in the sunshine – ACT Studios

I am working on a new leaflet with a friend who’s a designer and it will be full of our gorgeous new photographs. I’ve added quotes from customer reviews (5* all of ’em – just saying) and it’s been a shot in the arm to read them again. Makes me hugely proud of our team here at Noss.

Other than that it’s just a matter of making small improvements all the time. Joy, our manager, said we need to buy some more soap, so rather than get yet more plastic dispensers, I have found some lovely glass ones from a maker on Etsy (not local, but independent). We’ll get a mahoosive container of liquid soap (vegan, but also wheat and dairy free apparently) and refill the new glass dispensers from that. We will need a funnel and a steady hand!  I’ve also got plans for tea-towels, a towel rail that I’m repainting, and I bought a lovely red enamel container from Junk Shop Antiques. I keep on looking at it and thinking I am not sure I want to put it in the Cottage quite yet!

Lovely red enamel container from Junk Shop Antiques
Lovely red enamel container from Junk Shop Antiques

I want to up my blogging game so writing this post is all part of the master plan and not a way of avoiding my pile of paperwork which is THIS high.

I’m not putting that off at all.

Of course not.

Use our Book Now button to check availability and prices for the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, Noss Head or book via AirBnB.  We still have some availability in September, in November and over Christmas this year. The Cottage was fully refurbished in 2018; it sleeps up to six people in three bedrooms, and children and dogs are welcome.