Terms of booking and house rules

These Terms and Conditions explain what you agree to when you book your cottage and tell you what to expect from us; they are designed with fairness and safety in mind.

By Booking with us, you confirm that you and everyone in your party accept these Terms and Conditions and will comply with them and with the Dos and Don’ts.

Covid-19 Policies

This section covers all bookings. 

We all hope the worst of the Covid times are past, but the risk isn’t over even here in the Highlands, and we all have to do our bit to keep each other safe. This is a summary of the changes we’ve made because of Covid-19.

Cancellations – we do not provide refunds if you have to cancel due to Covid because travel insurance companies do now cover Covid, and we are a holiday cottage, not an insurance company.

Travel Insurance – please make sure your travel insurance covers cancellation due to Covid even if your trip takes place entirely within the UK.  (There is good advice online about travel insurance, for example from Money Savings Expert).

What we do – We follow the government’s hospitality guidelines for cleaning, plus a bit more.

What we ask you to do – Please make sure everyone in your party uses the sanitiser every time you come into the Cottage. Before you go, we ask you to strip the bed-linen off the beds, and sort your rubbish and take it to the wheelie bins. There’s a check-list in the Cottage. This is to keep our cleaners safe. We have extended our check-out time to 12:00 noon to give you plenty of time for this.

Recycling and laundry deposit – We have introduced a deposit of £125. We will charge you if we have to strip your beds, handle your rubbish, or sort the recycling. We see minor breakages as fair wear and tear and don’t charge for them, but we may charge you for the cost of cleaning or repairs if there is significant damage.

Refunds – we do not provide refunds if you need to cancel because of Covid because travel insurance is now available to cover this.

Self-Isolation – the cottage is NOT a suitable place for self-isolation.

If you or a member of your party develops symptoms – the government guidance is that you should check out and return home to self-isolate. We will give you a pro-rata refund if this happens.


Payments and Cancellations – we don’t provide full refunds if you cancel for any other reason, but we know it’s hard to plan ahead at the moment, so we take your final payment later (6 weeks instead of 8 weeks before your stay) and have made it easier for you to change your dates.

Terms of booking

Bookings, payments and cancellations

This section covers bookings made via our website. 

Bookings and payments

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation without refunding your deposit if we don’t receive the full balance on time.

Methods of payment

Payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard on our website. They are handled securely via Stripe and we do not see your card details. If we need to issue a refund, we will do so via Stripe.

Recycling and Laundry Deposit – £125

We have introduced a damage deposit as part of our Covid-19 policies. Sorting other people’s rubbish is a major infection risk, so the Council will not uplift the recycling if it is not sorted correctly; it incurs time and money for us to do it safely.

We will take your funds the day before you arrive, and return them automatically after our cleaners have been in, three days after you leave. We will always notify you if we have to take funds. We will only take funds if we have to handle your rubbish or laundry, if additional cleaning costs have been incurred or if there is significant damage to the Cottage, its contents or the compound.


Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance in place, even if your trip takes place entirely within the UK. We cannot provide refunds if your travel plans are disrupted (eg by bad weather, road closures, cancelled services); or if you have to cancel due to illness, including Covid.

If the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage becomes unavailable after you have booked (for example because of flood damage) we will refund anything you have already paid and we will make every effort to find alternative accommodation in the area for the same period or other acceptable dates.


You can cancel your booking or change your dates by phone, on the website, or by emailing welcome@lhkc.co.uk, but not by post.

Cancellation fees and options are as follows:

More than 6 weeks
before you arrive
Your deposit of 25% is non-refundable though we will return any balance already paid You may use your deposit of 25% to make a future booking
4-6 weeks
before you arrive
We will refund 50% of the full amount You may use the 50% we are unable to refund to make a future booking
2-4 weeks
before you arrive
We will refund 25% of the full amount You may use the 50% of the cost of your holiday to make a future booking
Less than 2 weeks
before you arrive
We are unable to provide a refund You may use 50% of what you have paid to make a future booking


Up to three housetrained dogs over 12 months old are welcome, there is no extra charge but please let us know you are bringing them so we can provide some doggie extras. The Cottage is surrounded by farmland and is near open water and cliffs and is not suitable for very young or excitable dogs.

Damage, insurance and liability

This section and all following sections apply to all bookings.

Size of party

Our insurance limits us to having up to six people (adults and children) staying in the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage at any one time. If more than six people stay in the Cottage, your booking may be cancelled and you may be asked to leave with no refund made.

Problems or complaints

Please tell us straight away about any problems. We want you and our future guests to have as lovely a time as possible, and we work hard to put anything right immediately. Please note that we rely on trusted local trades people who may not be available at short notice, overnight or at the weekend. Sometimes replacement items are not available locally which can cause delays.

We cannot consider compensation for complaints raised after you leave or if you won’t let us try to put things right while you are with us.


The simple rule is please tell us! The safety of all our guests comes first, so please do not hide damage to furniture, electrical items or anything which may compromise the safety of future guests.

We know accidents happen and we don’t charge for minor breakages (glasses, crockery, ornaments etc) or fair wear and tear, or if an appliance chooses to break down while you are with us.

We will discuss any significant damage such as broken furniture, or specialist cleaning for upholstery or carpets, and we reserve the right to charge these against your damage deposit at cost, or to claim the full costs from you if exceptional.


Please make sure you have adequate travel insurance covering travel arrangements within the UK, and covering healthcare if you are visiting from abroad.

Please lock the cottage and close the windows whenever you go out because we cannot be held responsible for any accidents, break-ins or theft within the cottage during your stay.

Limitation of liability

We cannot accept liability for any injury, loss or damage, consequential or otherwise suffered by you or any other member of your party, unless there was wilful default by us or our employees, or unless personal injury or death was caused by our negligence.

Cliffs and open water

There is sloping ground leading down to cliffs and open water immediately outside the walls of the Noss Head Lighthouse Compound, this is more dangerous when bad weather makes the ground slippery. Everyone in your party and anyone who visits you must understand the dangers the water and cliffs present to infants, children, teenagers, adults and dogs.

As the person placing the booking, you agree to take full responsibility for the safety of all members of your party, your visitors, and any animals you bring with you, and agree to completely free the owners of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, Noss Head, their employees, agents and representatives from any liability, loss, damage or expense, including without limitation, legal fees and cost of litigation, resulting from any accidents or incidents relating to the nearby cliffs and open water occurring on the way to or from the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage or while staying there.


Failure to disclose all relevant information or comply with these terms may lead to termination of the contract and loss of booking without a refund.

Last updated: 4th January 2022

Staying at Noss Head


Welcoming you to Noss Head

You can check yourself in when you arrive (we’ll send instructions on how to do this). We live in the compound, and so we can meet you on the day you arrive or on the first full day of your stay to answer any questions and help you get the most out of your visit.

Arriving and leaving

April to September: the Cottage will be ready for you from 4:00pm on the day you arrive and we need you to leave by 12:00 noon on the day you leave.

October to March: please bring a torch with you. The Cottage will be ready for you from 3:00pm on the day you arrive and we need you to leave by 12:00 noon on the day you leave. In mid-winter it is dark from 4:00pm onwards and there are no streetlights on the headland.


Please always leave the keys in the keysafe. There is a £25 charge for replacement keys.


There must be clear vehicular access the Lighthouse at all times. We are not responsible for any actions taken by the Northern Lighthouse Board, their contractors or agents or the emergency services if your vehicle blocks access to the Lighthouse. 

We provide parking outside the cottage for two cars; please ask us if you need parking for additional vehicles.

Before you go

We have extended our check-out time to midday to give you time to strip the beds and clean the kitchen before you go. This is to minimise the risk to our cleaners.

Laundry – please strip the beds and leave your tea-towels, towels and bed linen (sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases) in the hall.

Cleaning – please make sure all rooms are clean and tidy.

Washing up – please don’t leave any washing up, though you are welcome to put it in the dishwasher and leave it running.

Rubbish – please put your kitchen and bathroom rubbish and your recycling in the bins at the gate. Please be careful sorting the recycling, it is dangerous for us to do so, and the council won’t take it if it’s not properly sorted. FAILURE TO SORT THE RECYCLING CORRECTLY MAY RESULT IN CHARGES BEING MADE TO YOUR DAMAGE DEPOSIT.

Information pack, Books, DVDs, Games, the TV Remote Control and your keys – please put all of these in the wooden crates, and leave them in the living room. We have four crates and swap them over between guests.

We have left a checklist in the cottage for you. FAILURE TO DO THESE THINGS PUTS OUR CLEANERS AT ADDITIONAL RISK.

Dos and Don’ts during your stay

These Dos and Don’ts keep the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage safe for all our guest and neighbours; following them is a condition of your stay.


Please make sure everyone in your party uses the sanitiser in the porch every time they come into the Cottage


Our neighbours include people, farm animals, birds, wild-life and sea-life; please be aware of them and respect them.


Rubbish and recycling

The wheelie bins by the gate are emptied on Wednesday morning. Please use the kitchen bins to sort your rubbish and put it into the appropriate wheelie bin by the gate before you leave or when the kitchen bins are full.  Details are in the kitchen and the Welcome Pack.

The Council sometimes refuse to empty wheelie bins with unsorted rubbish. If this happens the charges are as follows:

We really don’t want to charge you anything, so please recycle!

Toilet and septic tank

Pee, poo and toilet paper only down the toilet please! Please use the bins in the bathroom for everything else including ladies’ sanitary items, wipes, cotton wool, etc. Even if it says “disposable” or “flushable” it may contain undeclared plastics which won’t break down in the septic tank, and we have had several blockages due to people putting wipes down the toilet.


Smoking, vaping or using e-cigarettes are forbidden inside the cottage including the porch but you may do so in the compound. There is a sand bucket in the porch for cigarette butts so please don’t leave them outside or throw them over the compound walls where they may harm wildlife.


Your pet will be in an unfamiliar place and may become anxious so we provide a plug-in which is calming for dogs.

Our priority is keeping your dog and the nearby farm animals, wildlife and birds safe. Keeping your dogs under control and abiding by these house rules is a condition of your stay, and if you don’t do this we may ask you to leave immediately without a refund.

Please keep your dog on a lead outside, they can easily be distracted in a new place and the Cottage is near farmland, cliffs and open water. Your dog may be confused in a new place, so please don’t leave it alone, either in the Cottage or your car.

In the cottage, your dog should sleep in its own basket or bed in the dining room. Please don’t allow it on the furniture in the living room or into the bedrooms at all.

We provide poop bags and a covered bin for bagged mess. Please put the bagged mess in the green wheelie bin when you leave.

We don’t charge extra for dogs because we clean thoroughly anyway, and they are usually no extra work. We do reserve the right to pass on the costs of any excessive cleaning including the costs of dealing with fleas or parasites.

Cliffs and open water – safety rules

The lighthouse compound is surrounded by cliffs with open water nearby.

PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: Only you can prevent an accident! These rules are to keep your children and dogs safe while they stay with us.

  1. Do not let your child leave the compound without supervision and make sure your children understand and follow this rule.
  2. Do not let your dog go outside the compound while off the lead.
  3. Don’t be distracted by animals or by other people while you are supervising your children or dogs.
  4. Beware of loose ground, slippery paths, water and overhanging cliff-tops at the top of the cliffs.

Broadband and wifi

The Cottage doesn’t have a phone.

Wifi is free. Please note that wifi and broadband are not included in the contract to provide accommodation although we will always try to ensure an unbroken service.

It is a condition of using the wifi and /or broadband services that you and your party use them responsibly and do not use them for illegal activities. We will cooperate with legal authorities to the fullest extent if asked to provide information about usage, logs or other records.

These Dos and Don’ts were last updated on 29th March 2021.

We sincerely hope you have a fabulous holiday and enjoy everything that the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage and Noss Head have to offer!