Hello, and welcome to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage

My name is Ben, and I run the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage with Joy who’s the main point of contact for guests, and Kim who keeps it sparkling clean.

Ben, Kim and Joy
Ben, Kim and Joy welcome you to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage

“Hygge”, “Fika”, “Coorie” – all mean cosy…. and so much more

I’ve stayed in a lot of self-catering accommodation over the years and have seen the best and worst on offer. So I paid great attention to detail to make sure the Cottage is the sort of sanctuary I look for when I go away. It’s comfortable and warm, and as cosy as we can make it.

Noss Head was the first lighthouse anywhere with the triangular window panes! Every lighthouse is different, and every one was innovative – this isn’t just “a” lighthouse – it’s “our” Lighthouse! (Though sadly it’s not really ours and we don’t have the keys!)

It’s an honour to share the photographs taken here by the family of Lightkeeper Sandy Dishon and by Lightkeeper David Fraser who still volunteers at the museum in Wick.

The Dishon Family group in front of Noss Head lighthouse in 1949
The Dishon Family group in front of Noss Head lighthouse in 1949

It’s a treat to identify the wildflowers and wildife here, so I put spotters guides and binoculars into the Cottage too.

I love supporting local artists by showcasing their pictures of the wildlife and buildings you can see here on the headland, and many of the books are by local authors too. 


I was raised by two thrifty women saying “waste not want not” long before “reduce, reuse, recycle” was even a thing. So it was only natural for me to buy as green and as local as possible, and upcycle wherever I can. There’s more to sustainability than that, and you can find out more in my interview on the Green Path Podcast.

Accessibility and Inclusion

So many hosts who claim “we welcome everyone”, but don’t go on to make the little changes that make a big difference. With neurodiversity in the family, queer family members, and the occasionally wobbly hip myself, I know this isn’t enough. An important part of my giving back is sponsoring Highland Pride. See the Welcoming Everyone sections of the Facilities page for details.

Giving Back

Giving back to local projects and charities is an important part of how we say “thank you” for being here. We donate to:


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