About the team at the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage

Hello, lovely to meet you!

My name is Ben. I fell in love with the Lighthouse and then with Caithness, when I first came here in 2017.

I realised I wanted to make Caithness my home, and I wanted to help others discover this unique place. Joy, Kim and Steph make sure the Cottage is a light and cosy home from home, and it’s the perfect base to explore this little-known part of Scotland.

Our guests love staying  here, at the edge of nowhere!

Ben, Kim and Joy
Ben, Kim and Joy welcome you to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage

My promise to you

I will always do my best to make your stay here as good as I can; I live next door, so if anything goes wrong I am on hand to do what I can to put it right.

I’ve stayed in a lot of self-catering accommodation over the years and have seen the best and worst on offer. So I pay great attention to detail to make sure the Cottage is the sort of sanctuary I look for when I go away.

Sustainability and buying local

Being somewhere as beautiful and fragile as this, I am very aware that our actions make a difference. I buy as green and as local as possible, and upcycle wherever I can. There’s more to sustainability than that, and you can find out more in my interview on the Green Path Podcast.

I love supporting local artists by showcasing their pictures of the wildlife and buildings you can see here on the headland, and many of the books are by local authors too. 

Accessibility and Inclusion

With neurodiversity in the family, friends and family who are part of the rainbow community, and the occasionally wobbly hip myself, I can tell the difference between check-box inclusion, and actually doing the work to be accessible and inclusive. An important part of my giving back is sponsoring Highland Pride and the Welcoming Everyone sections of the Facilities and FAQs page gives more details

Giving Back

During Covid, I was proud to offer the cottage to an NHS worker at the local hospital, and the headland itself was home to several NHS workers, continuing the tradition of the people living here protecting others from harm.

Giving back to local projects and charities is an important part of how I say “thank you”. Because of the cottage, I am able to donate to:

Memberships and Awards

Don’t just take my word for it. We have had some great recognition over the years.



I am truly proud of the Cottage, the team that help me run it, and the support it provides to local businesses. 

I would love to welcome you to this special and little-known part of Scotland. 


I really enjoy working with other people – I truly believe “if you win, I win”.

Get in touch if you would like to explore ways that we can work together to

So if you have a project you would like to explore with me, please drop me a line or send me a WhatsApp





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