Shining a Light on Caithness’ Arts and Crafts

We found it so easy to fall in love with this corner of the world. The people, the scenery, and the way that the scenery inspires the people were all huge reasons that we threw open the doors of the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage to the world. The north of Scotland has a history of artistic tradition stretching back centuries, and we’re proud that we’re now sharing traditional Scottish arts and crafts with our guests.

We’ve noticed our guests can’t help but immerse themselves in the history and culture of Caithness as they explore Wick and the surrounding areas. So, inspired by feedback about the local art, we’ve partnered with two amazing artists who’ll run full and half-day workshops to help our guests immerse themselves in the culture and see, experience and enjoy Scotland in what we hope is a different, deeper way.

Locally-based artists Lisa Weller and Penny Irvine will be running the workshops for us, and they’ll be sharing their unique talents and helping guests to immortalise their stays by capturing their perspectives of the imposing countryside surrounding the working lighthouse and the town of Wick.

Penny Irvine and Lisa Weller at Noss Head
Penny Irvine and Lisa Weller at Noss Head


Lisa, whose landscapes have been exhibited throughout Scotland, will take guests out onto the cliff sides (weather permitting – in the event of rain she’ll set up with guests at the big table in the dining room another covered, cosy location) and using traditional painting techniques to recreate the rugged cliffs, ocean horizons and open skies.

Acrylic painting by Lisa Weller - Light Shining at Sinclair Girnigoe
Acrylic painting by Lisa Weller – Light Shining at Sinclair Girnigoe


Meanwhile Penny, whose pieces exploring Scottish culture and society have been displayed in Scotland and Northern England, will run an introduction to traditional fibre painting in the cottage’s large dining room.

Fibre Art by Penny Irvine - Wave at Sunset
Fibre Art by Penny Irvine – Wave at Sunset


We all really hope that guests enjoy a relaxing experience that’ll create lasting memories and a genuine connection with this corner of Scotland’s north coast.

Penny and Lisa supply all the equipment and materials and have kindly offered  discounted prices to all our guests which start from £63 per person or £375 for the group of six for a three-hour (half-day) session:


  Half day
(3 hours)
Full day
(6 hours)
Size of group Per person For the group Per person For the group
6 £63 £375 £113 £675
5 £65 £325 £115 £575
4 £69 £275 £119 £475
3 £75 £225 £125 £375
2 £75 £150 £125 £250
1 £75 £75 £125 £125


To book a workshops, please contact Lisa or Penny direct.  For general information about the workshops, or to find out about booking the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, please drop us a line. We’ll be delighted to book you a place or hear your thoughts!