Our Team

Ben lives next door 

Hello and welcome

My name is Ben and, with my husband Steve, I want to offer you a warm welcome to the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage.  

Our aim is to give you what we look for ourselves when we go away – happy memories, a connection with the place itself, and help being green. We couldn’t do this alone; the Cottage is looked after by Joy, Kim and Tracy.

We all love the headland for different reasons. 

When Steve was a child, his parents took him on a day out to Dungeness which instilled a life-long interest in lighthouses, while I grew up in a village and am most comfortable living in a rural community. This proved to be a dangerous combination because we fell in love with the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage when it came up for sale in 2017, in need of a lot of TLC. 

Tracy, Joy and Kim look after the Cottage for you
Tracy, Joy and Kim look after the Cottage for you

Joy is your first point of contact, and her connection with Noss Head goes back to the days when she lived here while her father helped restore the cottages some years ago.

Tracy is a Caithnessian born and bred and works in our local hospital. Kim worked Ackergill Tower when it was a hotel, giving her a real understanding of what guests want and expect.

The whole team was thrilled to be recognised in 2019 as finalists in the Highland and Island Tourism awards, and we are proud that the cottages could home several NHS workers throughout 2020, continuing the Lighthouse’s history of keeping the people of Caithness safe from harm. We’re glad that the new Covid protocols have enabled us to re-open safely and welcome guests again.